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The Agency Growth & Leadership Summit

January 17th - 21st, 2018 | Gaylord Opryland Resort | Nashville, TN

Where innovative agency leaders go to discover innovative strategies & resources to differentiate and grow their benefits firm.

Unlike any conference you’ve ever attended. Guaranteed.

ASCEND has been called “the anti-conference” for both its unusual format that features an active role for its attendees and its unique emphasis on business-building strategies that foster organic agency growth.

You just have to be curious about a conference whose programming features…


• Mastermind Roundtables

• Expert Roundtables

• The ASCEND Solution Pavilion

• Nationally Known Speakers

• Expterts on Portfolio, Marketing, Selling, Management, and Leadership


What Attendees are Saying about ASCEND

Dawn Sheue, Summit Insurance

Greg Carlton, Peel & Holland

Rudy Garcia, Quandun Ins.

"Picked up a lot of great ideas, very innovative, a very new direction. Exactly what I was looking for!"

"ASCEND lived up to its billing as the “ANTI-CONFERENCE,” with its laser focus on helping agency leaders drive positive change in their firm. ASCEND helps you elevate your business!"

"ASCEND was excellent, the best conference I’ve ever attended!"

Do you have a specific & detailed plan in place to grow your benefits firm in 2018 and beyond?

Employee benefit firms are facing more uncertainty, more disruption, more competition, and more client demands than ever before. The business model and approach that provided decades of consistent, stable, and lucrative opportunities & revenue is no longer relevant or sustainable.


Despite these new challenges, there are benefit leaders across the country who have positioned their firms to take advantage of the new reality and they are accelerating their growth and success. You can discover their secrets from the leaders themselves at ASCEND.


ASCEND helps your employee benefits firm achieve four key goals:

- Remain Relevant

- Stay Independent

- Become More Profitable

- Achieve More Organic Growth


Designed by & for benefits firms, ASCEND is like no other industry event you’ve ever attended. Experience a truly interactive, collaborative experience with some of the industry’s most innovative agency leaders while discovering proven agency growth strategies & honing your leadership skills.


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"Super success story"

I want to share a super success story on how I took an innovative strategy from ASCEND and turned it into a powerful win for our agency. Client was a 400-life construction company facing a 15% renewal.


I implemented this powerful “Integrated Benefits” plan-design strategy I learned from Nelson’s ASCEND workshop on cross-selling voluntary benefits and lowered premiums 6% below current spend with just a very slight increase in employee contribution. Added a new 100% employer-paid  Critical Illness (CI) plan & HRA to offset higher deductibles. We still drove $67,000 back to the client’s balance sheet, which thrilled the CFO.


This all resulted in a great renewal, a very satisfied client, and additional revenue to our bottom line with the addition of the employer-paid CI.


I’ve also used this same strategy to take the AOR on a 100-life group from a national house.


DAN THOMPSON, Client Advisor & Partner

Gulfshore Insurance, Naples, FL


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