ASCEND - Agency Growth & Leadership Summit
January 13-17 2021, Nashville, TN

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6 Degrees

6 Degrees Health is a cost containment company with a group of experienced healthcare professionals that believes it takes a network of industry relationships to deliver optimal health plan solutions. 6 Degrees Health is built to bring equity and fairness back into the healthcare reimbursement equation.

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AIMM is the premier Medical Management Solution for Self-Funded Major Medical Health Plans. By integrating Utilization Management (including steerage), Catastrophic and Light Case Management, Maternity Management, Transplant Coordination, Dialysis Management, Disease Management as well as Predictive Risk Modeling, our revolutionary model generates life changing outcomes for our patients and optimal cost-effectiveness for our clients.

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American Fidelity

American Fidelity provides supplemental benefits to help people protect their finances and save for medical expenses. Because of our specialization in certain niche markets, we have a unique advantage in understanding and catering to our customers’ needs. While many providers offer general coverage, we offer a different perspective – a different opinion.

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American Health Resources

American Health Resources (AHR) is a benefits strategy and administration company. We provide ways for producers to reduce the cost and improve the quality of employee benefits for their clients. Established in 1990, AHR now cares for over 60,000 people in 23 states.

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Benefit Indemnity Corporation

Benefit Indemnity Corporation is America’s premier design, build and shopping exchange for self-funded products packed full of NextGen innovation, design, and cost controls. Representing the best in self-funding for groups of all sizes, we support your team with our team to extend your back office from initial prospect contact all the way through case installation. BIC is the one place where you get expert advice on self-funded plan designs for small group and large

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BPA - Benefit Plan Administrators

Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc. (BPA) is a progressive transparent national TPA connecting self-insured employers with robust cost containment solutions which are quantified via best in class analytics. BPA provides the member with seamless real time mobile and web portals, wellness incentives via BPA Bestlife, and prompt courteous customer service and advocacy.

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Benezon delivers group specific benefits and customized engagement strategies with the perfect balance of technology and customer service. The Benefits App™ is private-labeled for any agency brand, connects members to any benefit and works on any device. Plan information, concierge advocacy, telemedicine and Rx savings are only a call or click away. The Benefits App™ helps plan members understand, access and utilize today’s confusing healthcare system.

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BeniComp Health Solutions

BeniComp has reinvented self-funding with a focus on prevention with its 58-year-old knowledge base and start-up mentality. The patent-pending solutions achieve 96% participation in annual health screenings, providing access to data that nobody else in the country has. The best-in-class TPA and custom software allow BeniComp to predict, prevent, and reverse root causes of disease to influence health and alleviate financial strain.

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BenefitsGuide is an Insurance Agency Management System specifically designed for the group insurance broker business that is built on the Salesforce Platform. BenefitsGuide CRM creates benefit booklets, syncs with BerniePortal, CommissionsDept, Zywave and more.

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Family Care Path

Family Care Path’s MyLegacy, a family medical history collection application completed by the employee, using Cleveland Clinic algorithms to assess their risk of developing major diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease

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Flume has created a seamless, sustainable health plan for America’s hardest working companies. Our transparent structure unlocks $5k savings per employee, allowing us to structure a plan that members can actually afford to use.

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HealthCare2U, LLC

Healthcare2U is a membership-based, integrated direct primary care (DPC) organization for organizations of all sizes and structures. We deliver affordable, consistent and unlimited nationwide access to primary medical care.

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The Karis Group

Healthcare is a mess. We guide our members to medical cost savings through proactive education, healthcare navigation, and expanded access to quality care. The Karis Group’s navigation and negotiation solutions simplify healthcare with personal, concierge-style guidance that reduces poor choices, frustration, and financial impact.

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Cypress Benefit Administrators (now Lucent Health) is a Platinum Strategic Alliance Partner with UBA and offers administration of self-funded medical, dental, flex, COBRA and other services. We are the premier TPA in the nation in Reference Based Pricing, Level Funded Plans and Patient Management. Our results are an industry benchmark, with clients experiencing an average 1% increase in costs over the past 7 years.

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OneOme, LLC, co-founded by Mayo Clinic, is a leader in providing evidence-based pharmacogenetic solutions that support personalized prescriptions around the world. Combined with an in-house CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited lab, OneOme's RightMed Test provides genetic insights that providers and pharmacists can use to make more informed medication decisions for their patients.

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The Sedera's Medical Cost Sharing model boldly challenges the insurance status quo. Through an innovative layering of healthcare services, we enable individuals and families access to high quality healthcare that is affordable, flexible and effective.

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Springbuk is a leading-edge Health Intelligence platform that helps employers and consultants manage their health investments. Our innovative solution offers deep insights, empowers smarter decision-making, and provides strategic direction to help maximize return on investments. Health Intelligence empowers employers and consultants to deliver plans and programs that fit.

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US-Rx Care’s approach to prescription benefit management represents a significant departure from methods and practices typically employed in the marketplace for the past 20 years. We are fully fiduciary compliant both operationally and contractually. Clients typically enjoy 20%-40% reduction in pharmacy benefit spend and member out of pocket costs drop by 30% on average as well.

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Trifecta Health Solutions

Trifecta Health Solutions is a product of medical, software and supply chain experts joining forces to reduce cost of healthcare by using modern technology. Trifecta Health’s mission is to remove unnecessary layers from healthcare plans, generating instant ROI for employers and employees, translating into stability and predictability with healthcare spend.

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Wamberg Genomic Advisors

Wamberg Genomic Advisors (WGA) is the first company dedicated to providing clinical grade genomic-based employee benefits offerings via trusted employee benefits brokers. Their flagship employee benefit program, Cancer Guardian, provides affordable access to advanced DNA testing, dedicated support services, and technology that can enhance prevention and survival.